. . . of Search Texts By Which People Found The Responsible Puppet

Subheading 1 – Evidently, if anyone on the internet googles anything with “Puppet” – it comes to me:
* What does the bible say about puppets
* Armor of god puppets
* hippopotamus puppet bath dollar store
* conclusion of puppet
* brickhouse betty stolen by the puppet
* mate, darn and make puppets
This last one was searched (sought?) for today – and in all of Google, my blog is at the top of the list for it.

Subheading 2 – Also “Poems”
* poems about been thankful for employees
* poems about Woodticks
And the best poem search . ..
* Revenge poems that rythme with Debbie
Any luck with that one, I wonder?

Subheading 3 – Um . . . what?
* we can see speckles in a piece of granit
* what did Friday’s moon look like?
* Inverse Cinematics – Pet Legs mix 1
* monumental teepee
* policing for God
* what happens to a person in a submarine

Subheading 4 – My Favorite
* deer god my kids are disrespectful

A few questions arise from this one, to wit:
Is it a cry for help or just a rhetorical exclamation?
What did his/her kids do to provoke such an outburst?
Is that a misspelling or did the searcher really hope to invoke the help of a lesser-known pagan deer god?