9 Ways People Punctuate Their Spoken Word (To Add Extra Emphasis To What They Just Said):

1. A knock on the table one is sitting at

2. The False Leave (pretending to leave directly after a statement but then coming back)

3. The quick drink of water.

4. Saying “Um” (not as preparation for the next sentence, but as an ‘I’m pausing to let that last nugget sink into your mind – that’s how important it is’)

5. Clicking ones heels together (done while standing)

6. A laugh at one’s own joke

7. The words “Y’know?”

8. Saying the name of one’s listener.

9. (As noted before) The word “Period!”

Except for Clicking the Heels, which seems more sincere for some reason, these are generally pet peeves of mine.

Am I missing any?