In which I reproduce an email I sent to my Brother-in-law (They live far south of us – Christy is his wife, Debbie is mine) on March 26, 2001. It describes a typical snow situation for Minnesota this time of year and relates a couple interesting anecdotes. Happily we have less snow this year at this time then we did described herein – but that’s only because it has thawed much in the last two days. And we’re supposed to get another snow storm tomorrow


So I heard that Christy, when Debbie mentioned snow, asked “You still have snow?” Let me clarify.

Yes, we have snow. The only bit of grass that I can see in our yard is about an inch around the big tree in back. The snow piles on the side of our driveway are close to being taller than Debbie and the icicles are sizable. Often Daniel will be standing at the top of the stairs, pointing outside and saying “Snow, Daddy!”, but since he can’t yet pronounce the ‘s’ in snow, it comes out “No, Daddy!”  I have had to catch myself before I reprimand him for telling me no.

Our driveway is mostly clear of snow and ice (at one point it had an 18 inch base on it (here, let me pull an Apostle Paulism, and turn a parethetical remark into a whole new train of thought about snow on the driveway: One Sunday morning there was a snow storm. Getting to church is normally no problem because it is only three minutes away. We generally need to be at church at 8:15 (for choir) and we were in the van driving out of the garage (that most blessed of buildings) before 8:10. At 8:35 we still had not made it out of our driveway because our van was stuck in the four foot pile of snow that the snow plow had left. We had to get a friend to come help me and let Debbie borrow his car. We got out eventually.)

So, to repeat, our driveway is mostly clear of snow and ice but our back deck (having never been shoveled) still has a couple feet on it. But this is just as well because all of the old cabinets, old counter parts, new counter parts, carpetting, the old sink, the roof shovel, a broken chair, eight bags of leaves from last fall, and anything else I can’t fit into the garage until spring are all back there. Debbie fears our junk yard is bringing down the home value of our neighborhood.

Speaking of home value, one night after doing a fair amount of work on our kitchen, and getting the boys to bed we decided to watch the rest of a movie we had rented (we are busy enough that we can’t finish a video in one night) We had our snack and our water and as I was putting the video in we noticed that there was water on the coffee table that the TV sits on. The boys must have spilled some water when they were playing. No problem I thought, I’ll just clean it up with a paper towel, which should take only a minute. We then noticed that the TV was acting very strangely. We saw that water was dripping from above from a pipe. I was figuring that it would only take me about 10 minutes to seal of a leak from a drain pipe, when we noted that it was come from above the pipe. “Its coming from the walls,” I thought, “I’ll have to spend 20 minutes shoveling snow away from our house”

But then I noticed that it was coming from higher than the basement walls. Maybe it was coming from a leak in the toilet upstairs. We went up stairs and no, it wasn’t. It was coming from higher than that. Okay, I’ll just spend an hour shoveling the roof.

I wanted to see where the leak was coming from in the attic, so I climbed back there. I knew there was an opening behind the insulation where two parts of the roof meet that would be the most logical place for great amounts of ice to be. I was on my stomach several feet back into the low part of the attic, when I pulled back the insulation to see in the flashlit darkness . . .a basketball sized wasp nest, three feet from my face! I was, for a moment, extremely horrified and creeped out. But I calmed down as I noticed no wasps. Yikes. I looked past the nest to see quite a bit of ice on the inside of the roof there. Not good.

Debbie was standing in the open behind me, and I chose to slowly leave what I was looking at. It wasn’t until later and we were sitting on the couch with the snacks that we were supposed to have been eating an hour before, that I told Debbie about the nest.

The next day, I took out the nest with my bare hands. Thankfully I didn’t see any wasps.

So, how’s it going with you guys? Any snow down there?