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I give thanks to God for the Upper Midwest Yearly Cycle-

April-May: Who doesn’t love spring? The kids get to run around – First picnics, things are newly green.

June-August: And everyone loves summer, too. Vacations, More Picnics, camping.

Sept-November: Every September I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet. There are those who dread the ending of summer, but not me or my family – Apple picking, Raking, Fall day trips (Can I recommend the St. Croix valley down through Red Wing?) – But don’t mark me down as someone who says that fall is his favorite time of the year – I never fully trust someone who says that – it sounds a bit elitist. What I think they mean is that Fall is underrated. True enough, but that doesn’t make it better than summer.

December: Full Christmas Preparations, expectations and celebrations. Again some people eschew all of the extra stuff that happens at Yule time – not me!

January-February: Now that we are past Christmas and New Year’s we can enjoy winter with a more full appreciation – Sledding, Winter Hikes and just sitting and watching it snow.

But March. Ugh. If you still have snow you’re sick of it. If you don’t, it’s muddy. And Brown. And wet. And all of the litter is made extremely apparent on the highways and side walks. And sand on the roads. And it’s still cold. And – I just want to go on a picnic!

But Cheer up! April is almost here! And then you can start all of the joys of the rest of the months all over again! It’s just a few days away. Pray for patience.

Maybe March is a gift from God to help us enjoy the rest of the year more fully.


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