23 Ways to Glorify God in a Hospital Room

1. Remember that God owes none of us health
2. Speak aloud Psalm 34 changing the words to work for the patient
3. Psalm 27 works well, too.
4. Perhaps you could think of others.
5. Sing Songs of praise.
6. Pray for healing and patience
7. Pray for wisdom for the doctors.
8. Tell them you are doing this.
9. Remember that it is God who heals.
10. Thank God out loud because of the promise of eternal life for the saved – so death is not the end.
11. Witness to a man listening to his iPod in the fourth floor lounge.
12. Use this time as a reminder that all Flesh is Grass and will fade away.
13. . . . and remember the more permanent gifts.
14. Don’t waste the illness.
15. When things are very, very hard, trust God.
16. Cry.
17. Encourage the care-givers.
18. Work through how the verse that promises only good for those who are in Christ can be true in your situation.
19. Remember that Death will not have the victory.
20. Pray for patients in other rooms.
21. Wish that Jesus would return soon or call the saved sufferer home.
22. Let the less important things be made known to you as less important.
23. Remember that in Jesus we have a God who has already experienced death and has defeated it.