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Wait a second . . .

I thought I was supposed to be anti-libertarian and pro-government when compared to the average person.

Can someone help me get comfortable with the idea of 416 kids being taken away from their parents?

What’s the real problem here? Bigamy? Then send the dads who do it to jail. Is Bigamy a crime or not? Haven’t they known for a long time that this was happening?

Or is the problem rape of children? Then send the rapists to jail.

But in those cases, is it common for the kids to be taken away from the Mom? I’m sorry, Ma’am, your husband married another lady, your kids can’t live with you anymore.

But wait, . .. I read (this) at
“The mothers are part of the problem here. They subscribe to the sect’s beliefs. Or maybe they are brainwashed, or victims themselves. But none of that really matters.
What matters is protecting these children, even if that means protecting them from their own mothers.”

Protecting them from what about their mothers? The fact that they say that Bigamy is a good idea? Should we do that? Should we take away children from all families that say that Bigamy is a decent way to do things? Even though the government doesn’t usually prosecute this crime?
If they really cared about these kids, they would have spent the big bucks and done it right: A house by house investigation. If there was reasonable evidence in a home that rape was happening and no one in the family was doing anything about it, then take the guilty party away.

What these prosecutors are doing is imprisoning the children and letting the guilty parties stay free in the compound.

It may turn out that the state has a lot of evidence that it isn’t showing and this really was a wise idea. But if after a month or so, they say “Well, it looks like 390 of these kids can go home because their homes are fairly safe” then a dozen people should be fired and the state should lose some serious lawsuits and have to pay millions of punitive dollars to deter other states from getting bright ideas like this.

What I think will happen is that 390 of the kids will be returned and people will say “Oh, well, we had to error on the side of caution”

A couple other things:

(1) Of course the courtroom drama turned into a farce. This is a direct result of the foolish decision to take the kids as a group. This should have been done house by house.

(2) Please note that I am not saying I love the Mormon church and agree with everything they say.

Update: I just had a debate with a friend of mine who suggested that it was not for illegal actions made by the parents that they took the children, but for non-illegal reasons.

This makes sense, and I believe sometimes a child should be taken away from a child even though the parent is doing nothing illegal (extremely chronic alcoholism for example) but the best data (that I could find and it is admittedly incomplete and greatly lacking) for why they made this decision suggests the judge made this decision based on the Polygamy and forced marriages.

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