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Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Hobbes From Calvin & Hobbes:


I still don’t think giving her “Bambi eyes” is going to get you a flame thrower. *** I’m easily wiled by a woman in a swimsuit. *** You know, there are times when it’s a source of personal pride to not be human. *** It doesn’t impress the girls, of course, but there’s no sense in impressing them and then getting killed my dad used to say. *** Tigers wreck the grade curve. *** A bee landed on your back! Don’t move, and it won’t sting you. Just stand still and try not to imagine that it might very well crawl down your shirt and into your pants! *** Tigers are natural-born tree climbers. Of course we usually have grappling hooks, ropes and utility belts. *** Girls flip for ties. *** After seven boring hours at school, I though you might appreciate one moment of pure, abject terror. *** I think animals are always so cute. *** It’s amazing what they do with corrugated cardboard these days. Isn’t it? *** What horrors we visit upon ourselves in the name of science.  *** The world can always use another tiger. *** Natural exuberance is one of those qualities that makes us tigers so darn endearing! *** Animals sometimes make a lot more sense than people do. … and we’re cuter too *** It’s handy not to have to boots and a coat to take off. *** Instinct, tigers are born with it. *** Uggh, I could never eat a mouse raw. Their little feet are probably real cold going down. *** Being a tiger is more than just stripes, you realize. You have to think like a tiger. *** It’s good to stop running around. Sometimes one should just look at things and think about things, without DOING things. *** Girls flip for guys in jams.


I asked my wife if she would like to write a statement in the Message To The World  genre. I said she could go with any theme she chose. She accepted.



Surrender absolutely your whole life to God.  Let Him control every area of your life because there is no limit to what God can do through a believer who is living totally for Him.


Thanks, Debbie, whom I love.

1. I forgot.
2. I’m in a hurry
3. I’m really busy
4. He’s been a brat.
5. It would be fake affection
6. She already knows I love her
7. I showed him affection yesterday
8. I’m not feeling affectionate right now.
9. She doesn’t deserve affection right now.
10. He hasn’t been very affectionate towards me lately.
11. She’s independent enough that she doesn’t need it.
12. My last attempt at showing love was not appreciated.

I suppose you could put most or all of these under the title “Bad Reasons for not showing love to anyone.”

* And by “love/affection” I mean words of affirmation and encouragement, hugs, pats on the back and gifts. Also acts of Grace and Mercy. And Training and Discipline.

Memo to  Joe Carter: Don’t dis Reepicheep.

1. Manufacturer
If you buy a trampoline, you can expect a card that they suggest you attach to your trampoline with several warnings on it, such as only one person on it at a time, make sure an adult inspects it before every use and make sure that adult is mature.

Here is my favorite statement on this card:

Always make sure you land no more than one foot away from the cross-marked center of the jump mat. If you find yourself off center, “Stop the jump”*

I can imagine an overly jittery Dad panicking when his 8 year old daughter steps TWO feet from the center. “FLING YOURSELF DOWN!”

2.  The American Academy of Pediatrics have a slightly more extreme take on the subject:

Adult supervision will not adequately prevent injuries on home trampolines. Trampolines should be used only in supervised training programs for gymnastics, diving or other competitive sports. A professional trained in trampoline safety always should supervise the use of trampolines.

Don’t risk it! Find out if your children’s friends have trampolines before sending them over to play. Children and teenagers should never use trampolines at their home or another person’s home, in routine gym classes or on the playground!

Seriously, have nothing to do with someone who owns a trampoline. You don’t want that kind of influence on your kids! Those parents hope your kid breaks his neck. Don’t ask why, they just don’t like you for some reason.

Okay, I added that last paragraph.

3. Or you could just do what the Jamsco Household does.

. . . not perfectly in the center

. . . and I don\'t see a trained monitor . . .

nor does this look like a \'supervised training excersize\'

We are heading out later to Historic Fort Snelling as a part of the 150 year of Minnesota Statehood commemoration. Happy Memorial Day!

* Yes, complete with wrongly placed double quotation marks. I love those!

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From 1 Peter 4-5


Since therefore Christ suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves with the same way of thinking *** The end of all things is at hand *** Be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers. *** Keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. *** As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: *** To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. *** Do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you *** Rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings *** If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you. *** But let none of you suffer as a murderer or a thief or an evildoer or as a meddler *** Shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight *** When the chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the unfading crown of glory *** Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders *** Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” *** Be sober-minded; be watchful *** Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. *** The God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you *** To him be the dominion forever and ever. Amen. *** This is the true grace of God. Stand firm in it. *** Greet one another with the kiss of love. *** Peace to all of you who are in Christ.

You have 150 characters to send a message to the world.  Punctuation doesn’t count.  I went with the obvious:

Glorify God. That is your chief end and the most right thing you can do. There are many joy-giving ways to do this. Read the Bible for more info. Also: Pray. Love. Sing. Seek God first.


Got this from Steve over at Careful Thought. I wonder how Abraham would handle this. It fits his idiom. But I’d hope there would be no Dylan reference.

So we did something we’ve never done with six kids before – brought them all to a theatre movie.

“The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian” – A Review

Didn’t like:
An extensive not-in-the-book scene that is painful to watch because you know from the start that it’s doomed to failure and just put in there to teach a main character a lesson. Memo to screenwriters: Don’t do something that punishes the people who have read the book.

Peter having attitude difficulties in the real world. Where’d that come from? Did the producers say “We need more angst”?

Shouldn’t Reepicheep have a higher pitched voice?

The what-seem-like-intentional reminder/references to LOTR:FOTR (the movie). Come on, these movies are already seen as over-related – can’t we avoid this?

All of the scenes with Miraz’s noble men. Many of them weren’t in the book, but they weren’t contradictory to what was written.

The initial discovery of the island (but if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen a third of this already).

More generally, the scenery in much of the movie was spectacular.

A cool opening.

That all of my kids (now aged 5-10) were pretty much mesmerized the whole time and weren’t frightened. Your mileage may vary.

That (besides the aforementioned scene) it stayed pretty close to the book.

The way we first see Reepicheep. And the lost tail scene.

Good Casting for Prince Caspian. He was able to look vulnerable or commanding as the scene required. And my six year old daughter thought he was handsome.

Two of my sons (oldest and youngest) told me to mention that they liked the fighting scenes.

Be Warned:
It’s two and a half hours long. This is not necessarily bad, but I would have liked to know this going in with kids.

A person who chooses his theology based on the likelihood that the cynical will not find fault with it has left the path of wisdom.

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Vox Day


Jesus Christ promised to set Man free, not to give him a life in the suburbs with good public schools, reasonable taxes and low crime rates defended by a powerful military. ··· You really do have to read Tolkein and Lewis  ··· Every time a woman says “I do,” every time a wife turns to her husband and says “let’s have another baby,” every time a mother hugs her child and says “how would you like me to be your teacher?” she is striking a powerful blow in defense of her faith, her family, her church and God. We should celebrate these bold decisions – these audacious acts – as victories, not just for the family and the faith, but for civilization and mankind. ··· It’s very simple. Agnosticism is a belief in the lack of evidence for God’s existence. Atheism is a symptom of a personality disorder which inordinately affects developmentally challenged young men. ··· Man can provide a reasonable defense for almost any idea he dreams up. We are not rational creatures so much as we are rationalizing animals. ··· I meant I read it when I was a FREAKING CHILD. ··· What are the chances God’s will for you is to sit numbly in your cubicle and mindlessly pay your taxes and your mortgage while you wait for the sweet release of death? ···  For unto us a child is given, and if the gates of Hell cannot prevail against him, neither will a passing fad of political correctness. Glory to the Newborn King. ··· For the Christian, Marriage is a religious sacrament, a vow before God and Man that no power on Earth has the ability to set aside. That vow can be broken, of course, and it all too often is. But the vow stands as the foundation of a new creation, the family, which for all its flaws has not been improved on despite centuries of experimentation. ··· <Jamsco is> an intelligent man* ··· What’s unusual about both Narnia and LOTR is that they are still being read and widely imitated decades after their authors died. What I’m primarily objecting to is the idea that the Harry Potter books are a classic that will last forty or fifty years the way the Lewis and Tolkein books have. ··· Vox can speak for himself, Thanks. ··· We are cold and bleak, we men of the North. We are made of sorrow, snow and stone. ··· You do your best and then you let them go. Sooner or later, the bird has to fly on its own. In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with convincing yourself that your children are indeed the best of all possible children. Everyone could benefit from knowing that someone, somewhere, harbors a wildly undeserved faith in them. ··· “Sovereignty” that is only respected on the conditional basis of one’s approval is no sovereignty at all. ··· Determine to be bold about admitting your belief in Jesus Christ when asked and refuse to hide your faith simply because someone might think less of you for it. And most of all, remember that you are not given a spirit of fear, but of victory.



Notes –


– In response to Vox’s request for good quotes.

– Part of the fun in this one is the out-of-context aspect of the Friday Everything idiom.

– Unlike much of Vox and many of my Friday Everythings, I agree with everything here, where applicable, at least to a certain degree.


* Okay, this one is implied – from here.

The Adventures of Ogden: Man of the Suburb
Episode 7 – May – Bravery

Ogden’s fourth date with Gretta was not so much a date as pleasant walk in a park. They spoke of good and noble things and they laughed. At one point they found themselves sitting on a bench near a playground.

As they talked, Ogden found himself watching two pairs of people. One of these was two college age guys throwing a football around, the other was (Ogden assumed) an older brother (age seven?) standing around looking somewhat bored while his younger sister (perhaps three) played with dolls on the grass.

But Ogden watched as the boy watched the two guys with their football, and neither of them was that great at throwing a spiral, and they commonly dropped their catches, but they were having fun.

And then a very quick but notable thing happened. The guy who didn’t have the ball started running and indicated that the guy with the ball should throw it ahead of him. Which he did. And as he released it, Ogden saw the thrower’s eyes go wide with fear, and he yelled “Hey Ed, Don’t -”

Ogden looked to see what caused the thrower’s tension. ‘Ed’ had apparently not heard his friend’s exclamation, and was running to catch the ball. And he was not aware that he was heading straight to where the little girl was sitting. He was only a few feet from running her over.

And now Ogden was yelling “Hey, watch out –“

But then (it all happened quite quickly) he saw the seven year old boy put his hands up and take three step to put himself in Ed’s path and then Ed, completely unaware of his proximity to the children, tumbled over the boy. And fell just short of the little girl. And the little girl played on, not even aware that she just barely missed injury.

Ed was momentarily confused and perhaps a little angry when the other guy came running over.
“Dude, you nearly killed that girl!”
“I – what?”
“My bad for throwing it, but you gotta watch where you’re going. This kid just saved her by stopping you.”
“I . . oh.”
The other college guy turned to talk to the boy. “Pretty brave, kid.”

The boy smiled, with an expression that showed that he was aware that he had just done a good thing. He talked with the two college guys for a bit and then they resumed their game of catch – at a safe distance.

Ogden had to say something. He went over and said to the boy – “Excellent. You just risked pain and injury to help your sister. I can only hope that I might do something that brave someday.”

The boy nodded and Ogden walked back to Gretta. He said “Someday, when I have sons, I’m going to tell them this story.”

And Gretta smiled.

I have been hesitant to make this post, but I think it will do more good than harm, so I’m going for it. I pray that no harm will be done.

I have a link to an atheistic website that has been somewhat helpful to me in my personal Bible Study. It’s called the Skeptics Annotated Bible.

<Before you click on it, I should warn you that it is direct and some may find it offensive. If it might ruin your day to read words from a person who thinks that the Bible is mostly ridiculous (and this is an entirely reasonable fear), I suggest not going>

A thinker who doesn’t like Christianity has taken the time to go through all of the books of the Bible and make notes of all the problems he finds. With this tool, you can choose any book of the Bible and this page will tell you what they think is wrong with it. This includes noting passages that the author feels is contradictory to other Biblical passages, and passage that the author finds offensive (sexist, racist).

It’s sort of like a study Bible from the other side.

So for example, the page for 1 Peter 2 points out this sentence (vs 12):

“That they may by your good works, which they shall behold, glorify God”
Should we let others see our good works?

This is what they call a contradiction, and to prove it, the link points to page with all of the verses for and against the idea that we should make our good works visible. Most chapters have a dozen or so links like this.

In the past few years, I haven’t considered any study of a passage to be complete* until I have checked out what this web page has to say about it.

I find it beneficial for the following reasons:

1. Generally speaking, a thinking person has some responsibility to know what the other-side thinkers think, and why they think it.

2. More specifically, a Christian should learn about the things that hinder others from having faith, so they can respond intelligently to them.

3. This page has shown me that many/most of the counter arguments against Christianity are easily handled.

4. This page has shown me how wrong-minded an atheist can be regarding fairly simple theological ideas, and has given me ideas for how to respond to these difficulties.

5. This page also notes passages (with a thumbs up symbol) those passages that the author things are worthy of praise. This is encouraging to see, coming from atheists.

6. At some point, I’m going to be heading to these pages with my kids, to challenge them and get them to think about how to respond to the criticisms that Atheists have against the Bible.

7. This page has encouraged me to do research to figure out how to handle the apparent contradictions. In the case of the First Peter example above, I happen to be lucky that Pastor John has recently discussed this issue.

8. This page has increased my faith in the Bible.
So now, I have a question – do you think I should put up a permanent link to it? Or might it be too likely that someone will see it, click on it and be negatively affected by it?

*not that I ever find any study of any passage of the Bible to be complete, mind you.

Here is a foolish way to think during an argument: Well, I can see a little loophole around my point, but my debater will never spot it.


No, your debater is an expert at finding those loopholes. And he will drive it wide open.

I have good documentational evidence that most people who come to my blog come from TwentyTwoWords or Vox Day.  I think, however, that there is little crossover in the readership in these two. I take great pride in the fact that I am the main link between these two very divergent blogs.

But there is at least one other connection:

They both wrote pretty good posts about Mother’s Day.

And here’s another good entry on the subject

Not much posting these days – I’m enjoying the cheap rates at Beautiful Cascade Lodge on Beautiful Lake Superior.  We’re with my wife’s sister and her family and yes, that’s 12 kids under 13 under one roof.  For large groups, we recommend the “Cascade House”.

Have a nice weekend.


Did I say ‘Evil’? I meant ‘Handy!’ or “Helpful!” . . . on a wide variety of subjects.


A way to remember which are stalagmites and which are stalactites: Stalagmites grow from the top of the cave, because stalagmites MIGHT fall on your head.

Remembering the Lines on a bass clef: Every good cow eats hay.

Daylight Savings:
How to set one’s clock: Think about what you should do if you see a snake while walking down the path. If you don’t ‘Spring back’ you’ll ‘fall ahead’

Animal Classification: Kings put squires on funny green carpets.

Make some MEMOS to remember the five great lakes: Michigan, Erie, Mille Lacs, Ontario, Superior

In 1474 Columbus sailed from shore to shore.

ROY P. BIG: for the color wheel: Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Indigo, Green

I before E except after E

Between Principle and Principal: A rule to govern your life is your ‘Pal’.

The Calendar:
30 days hath December, August, March, and November. All the rest have 31


Are there any I missed? I was trying to do something with the five points of Calvinism – but I didn’t have the heart for it.

It is okay to not be an Amadeus if you can glorify God as a Salieri. Perhaps there is no Amadeus doing what you do

As you parent, consider this way of thinking:


Imagine a personified version of the sin in the heart of your child as something that wants to thrive. It doesn’t want to die. So it is tries to protect itself by building a shell that will protect it from the attempts of a parent to be God’s agent in training the child in the way he should go. We should know as parents what might strengthen or feed that shell.


I believe that Anger is one of these things.


And one of the most significant ways that a parent can add to this anger is to discipline a child and leave it unresolved, so that the child is still angry when you leave the room (or the situation, or the conversation). This anger then serves the sin by providing material which it can use to build the shell that it (Sin) is creating around its place in the heart of a child.


Often (Usually? Always?) the child is angry after discipline because he believes that injustice has been done to him. It doesn’t matter how careful and just you were in the discipline of the child if the child thinks you were unjust. The child’s sinful nature will use this to put a wall against future training or spiritual guidance.   


“Why should I be good if I just get punished anyway?”

“They only warned me twice”

“I can’t be held responsible for behavior I can’t control.”


A two year old (or a five year old or an eight year old) won’t think these words in their minds, but they think these ideas. And you need to show them that, yes, in fact they did know what they were doing, or yes, they could have controlled themselves, or no, their Dad isn’t being mean for mean’s sake.


Disciplining the child in the wrong way may be worse than not disciplining them at all. Don’t contribute to sin’s shell.

 Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From A Boy Named Orison

 Jesus, you broke my heart, you raised the chains. *** I made a video of a fun, clappin’ song, Daddy. You can post it. *** Daddy, I just wanted to ask you a question. Where was I when you were at your wedding? *** It’s consterant. That’s when things’re neat. *** While I’m going potty, I need you to give me mercy. *** Sometimes I cry when I go to bed because I don’t like the dark. I’m scared of the dark. *** Oh-ho, Immanuel, Oh-ho, Immanuel, Jesus is coming to town. *** I got to rock the party  *** I’m scared there might be animals there. Frances opened her eyes in bed and she saw a dragon. Then she closed her eyes. Then she opened her eyes again and she saw a crack in the ceiling. She thought an animal would come out. I’m talking about Frances the badger. *** I just love Jesus, I just know *** <Dear God>  . . . you made my drum set. *** I help mommy everyday. Who helps mommy everyday? I help mommy every day. *** I got the Jesus beat down in my feet *** Dear Jesus, thank you for my room and Da and Da and Weer . . . *** Yesterday all my troubles seem so far away. *** Drum, Drum, Drum. The Gorillas are dead. *** For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. *** Holy holy holy, Lord God almighty, God in three persons, ah, blessed trinity *** You can’t see me because I have my eyes closed. *** I don’t like the word ‘not-right-now’. *** *Baby Jesus in the manger, hallelujah, Now a baby king is born, hallelujah, Angels you have heard on high, hallelujah, Now its time to make him play, hallelujah *** I don’t like the way Jesus made this sidewalk. Because I don’t want to walk on it. *** Hello people.


Notes –

– Age: 3 (although some of this is, I think, more than a year old)

– Not one of mine

– Used by permission

– Mostly gleaned from three blogs and Youtube.

– Of course there are twenty two of them.Okay, there’s twenty three – but which one am I going to take out?

– If anyone would like to add others, I’d take them.

– I hope, now that it’s apparent that I’ve done all of this research, that Orison’s mom still thinks I’m not a stalker.


*Sung to the tune of ‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today’


Consider this statement that I just made up:

We can be sure that during the crucifixion there was either some non-cloudy times or that there was not a new moon. Otherwise one of the gospels would have pointed this out: This happened to fulfill the scriptures (Psalm 121) – “The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night.”

Looks good, but I disagree. I think this statement goes against the idea of the inerrancy of scripture. This makes it sound like the writers of the Gospel went through the Old Testament and found portions that were fulfilled in Christ. This is not what happened. When the Old Testament prophesies were written, their words were inspired by a God who knew how and when they were going to be fulfilled. And the New Testament writers, under God’s inspiration knew this. They didn’t just say “Hey, cool, Jesus’s bones weren’t broken and doesn’t it say in Psalm 34 something about someone’s bones not being broken? I’ll put that in and say that it was fulfilling scripture.” The prophesy fulfilling was more ordained than that.

Does that make sense?


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