Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From A Boy Named Orison

 Jesus, you broke my heart, you raised the chains. *** I made a video of a fun, clappin’ song, Daddy. You can post it. *** Daddy, I just wanted to ask you a question. Where was I when you were at your wedding? *** It’s consterant. That’s when things’re neat. *** While I’m going potty, I need you to give me mercy. *** Sometimes I cry when I go to bed because I don’t like the dark. I’m scared of the dark. *** Oh-ho, Immanuel, Oh-ho, Immanuel, Jesus is coming to town. *** I got to rock the party  *** I’m scared there might be animals there. Frances opened her eyes in bed and she saw a dragon. Then she closed her eyes. Then she opened her eyes again and she saw a crack in the ceiling. She thought an animal would come out. I’m talking about Frances the badger. *** I just love Jesus, I just know *** <Dear God>  . . . you made my drum set. *** I help mommy everyday. Who helps mommy everyday? I help mommy every day. *** I got the Jesus beat down in my feet *** Dear Jesus, thank you for my room and Da and Da and Weer . . . *** Yesterday all my troubles seem so far away. *** Drum, Drum, Drum. The Gorillas are dead. *** For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. *** Holy holy holy, Lord God almighty, God in three persons, ah, blessed trinity *** You can’t see me because I have my eyes closed. *** I don’t like the word ‘not-right-now’. *** *Baby Jesus in the manger, hallelujah, Now a baby king is born, hallelujah, Angels you have heard on high, hallelujah, Now its time to make him play, hallelujah *** I don’t like the way Jesus made this sidewalk. Because I don’t want to walk on it. *** Hello people.


Notes –

– Age: 3 (although some of this is, I think, more than a year old)

– Not one of mine

– Used by permission

– Mostly gleaned from three blogs and Youtube.

– Of course there are twenty two of them.Okay, there’s twenty three – but which one am I going to take out?

– If anyone would like to add others, I’d take them.

– I hope, now that it’s apparent that I’ve done all of this research, that Orison’s mom still thinks I’m not a stalker.


*Sung to the tune of ‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today’