Did I say ‘Evil’? I meant ‘Handy!’ or “Helpful!” . . . on a wide variety of subjects.


A way to remember which are stalagmites and which are stalactites: Stalagmites grow from the top of the cave, because stalagmites MIGHT fall on your head.

Remembering the Lines on a bass clef: Every good cow eats hay.

Daylight Savings:
How to set one’s clock: Think about what you should do if you see a snake while walking down the path. If you don’t ‘Spring back’ you’ll ‘fall ahead’

Animal Classification: Kings put squires on funny green carpets.

Make some MEMOS to remember the five great lakes: Michigan, Erie, Mille Lacs, Ontario, Superior

In 1474 Columbus sailed from shore to shore.

ROY P. BIG: for the color wheel: Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Indigo, Green

I before E except after E

Between Principle and Principal: A rule to govern your life is your ‘Pal’.

The Calendar:
30 days hath December, August, March, and November. All the rest have 31


Are there any I missed? I was trying to do something with the five points of Calvinism – but I didn’t have the heart for it.