Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Vox Day


Jesus Christ promised to set Man free, not to give him a life in the suburbs with good public schools, reasonable taxes and low crime rates defended by a powerful military. ··· You really do have to read Tolkein and Lewis  ··· Every time a woman says “I do,” every time a wife turns to her husband and says “let’s have another baby,” every time a mother hugs her child and says “how would you like me to be your teacher?” she is striking a powerful blow in defense of her faith, her family, her church and God. We should celebrate these bold decisions – these audacious acts – as victories, not just for the family and the faith, but for civilization and mankind. ··· It’s very simple. Agnosticism is a belief in the lack of evidence for God’s existence. Atheism is a symptom of a personality disorder which inordinately affects developmentally challenged young men. ··· Man can provide a reasonable defense for almost any idea he dreams up. We are not rational creatures so much as we are rationalizing animals. ··· I meant I read it when I was a FREAKING CHILD. ··· What are the chances God’s will for you is to sit numbly in your cubicle and mindlessly pay your taxes and your mortgage while you wait for the sweet release of death? ···  For unto us a child is given, and if the gates of Hell cannot prevail against him, neither will a passing fad of political correctness. Glory to the Newborn King. ··· For the Christian, Marriage is a religious sacrament, a vow before God and Man that no power on Earth has the ability to set aside. That vow can be broken, of course, and it all too often is. But the vow stands as the foundation of a new creation, the family, which for all its flaws has not been improved on despite centuries of experimentation. ··· <Jamsco is> an intelligent man* ··· What’s unusual about both Narnia and LOTR is that they are still being read and widely imitated decades after their authors died. What I’m primarily objecting to is the idea that the Harry Potter books are a classic that will last forty or fifty years the way the Lewis and Tolkein books have. ··· Vox can speak for himself, Thanks. ··· We are cold and bleak, we men of the North. We are made of sorrow, snow and stone. ··· You do your best and then you let them go. Sooner or later, the bird has to fly on its own. In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with convincing yourself that your children are indeed the best of all possible children. Everyone could benefit from knowing that someone, somewhere, harbors a wildly undeserved faith in them. ··· “Sovereignty” that is only respected on the conditional basis of one’s approval is no sovereignty at all. ··· Determine to be bold about admitting your belief in Jesus Christ when asked and refuse to hide your faith simply because someone might think less of you for it. And most of all, remember that you are not given a spirit of fear, but of victory.



Notes –


– In response to Vox’s request for good quotes.

– Part of the fun in this one is the out-of-context aspect of the Friday Everything idiom.

– Unlike much of Vox and many of my Friday Everythings, I agree with everything here, where applicable, at least to a certain degree.


* Okay, this one is implied – from here.