So we did something we’ve never done with six kids before – brought them all to a theatre movie.

“The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian” – A Review

Didn’t like:
An extensive not-in-the-book scene that is painful to watch because you know from the start that it’s doomed to failure and just put in there to teach a main character a lesson. Memo to screenwriters: Don’t do something that punishes the people who have read the book.

Peter having attitude difficulties in the real world. Where’d that come from? Did the producers say “We need more angst”?

Shouldn’t Reepicheep have a higher pitched voice?

The what-seem-like-intentional reminder/references to LOTR:FOTR (the movie). Come on, these movies are already seen as over-related – can’t we avoid this?

All of the scenes with Miraz’s noble men. Many of them weren’t in the book, but they weren’t contradictory to what was written.

The initial discovery of the island (but if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen a third of this already).

More generally, the scenery in much of the movie was spectacular.

A cool opening.

That all of my kids (now aged 5-10) were pretty much mesmerized the whole time and weren’t frightened. Your mileage may vary.

That (besides the aforementioned scene) it stayed pretty close to the book.

The way we first see Reepicheep. And the lost tail scene.

Good Casting for Prince Caspian. He was able to look vulnerable or commanding as the scene required. And my six year old daughter thought he was handsome.

Two of my sons (oldest and youngest) told me to mention that they liked the fighting scenes.

Be Warned:
It’s two and a half hours long. This is not necessarily bad, but I would have liked to know this going in with kids.