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One of the best gift giving situation I ever witnessed was with my son Daniel (who was 7 at the time – two years ago) He wanted to get a gift for his Mom for mother’s day and his choice was a hand held mirror.

Now it should be noted that at that time, when my wife wanted to see the back of her head as she was getting ready to go out, she was using the left over product of a mirror that she had had for years. It had broken several time to the point that she was just holding a three inch cracked piece of mirror glass.

So when Daniel suggested it, I thought it was a great idea. So we went to Target and he chose the Green one (because Mrs. Jamsco likes green) and paid for it with his own money (actually personally handing the money to the check out person, – perhaps for the first time).

And Debbie was very happy when she opened it and now she uses it every day.

So thinking about that, here are –

7 Gift Giving Suggestions:

A good gift should be:
– something that shows that the giver knew a little about the receiver.
– paid for by the giver.
– something that the receiver wanted.
– not an item that makes the gift receiver uncomfortable with its expensiveness.
– something that the receiver would not get for themselves*
– useful.
– a little unexpected .

It is very rare that a gift is all of these things – but Daniel succeeded.

Any other gift giving suggestions?

* My wife sometimes doesn’t like gift suggestions that make it sound like the person is just avoiding a run to Target. (“Yeah, while you’re there, could you pick up some striped socks for me?”)

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