Jamsco’s Trip to the Boundary Water – By The Numbers

Nights stayed: 3, Men on trip: 4, Canoe count: 2
Campsites stayed at: 2 (Ester and Ashdick)
Rain during our stay: Less than a half inch.
Largest depth of water in our canoes while paddling in because the wind kept dumping lakewater in them: 24
Required trips to shore to empty our canoes: 3
Hours to paddle in (against the wind): 8
Miles traveled in our canoes: 23
Portages: 4
Rods portaged: 370
Feet per Rod: 16.5
Rods per Mile: 320
Proofs besides these required to show that the English measuring system is goofy: 0
Fish caught and eaten by us: 6
Fish caught and eaten by a passing snapping turtle: 1 (a 4 pound northern – Rats!)
Width of this turtle’s shell (in inches) 14
Moose that walked into our campsite while we were having a theological discussion: 1
Number of seconds the moose stayed in our campsite after he saw us: 1
Hours to paddle out (with the wind): 5
Moments when I was seriously impressed with God’s creation: 823



The Lake We Canoed Through