I wrote this several years ago about a common trait I’ve noticed in first born children and adults (And Yes, I am one). Beware, it is cynical and intentionally wrong-hearted


Goals for the First Born Personae:
Try to make them think you are ____, even if you are not, without looking like you’re are trying give this impression.

(Fill in the blank with the following):
Better than the other guy

By being good in the right ways with the right people looking, you can get them to think you are great. But watch out. If it works, it may backfire by causing you to regret fooling your audience and harming others. It is easy enough to ignore these feelings of regret, however, if you continue to remind yourself that you are the most important person in your family, your church, your company and, in general, the world. Remember, you are great. Deception is okay if you believe it yourself.