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Are you like me?

Are you at times troubled by the harsh words of the imprecatory psalms? Does it sometimes seem to you that the implied (and sometimes explicit) hatred from the Psalmists towards those who are trying to hurt him in these passages are in conflict with Christs command for us to love our enemies?

Well, be troubled no more!

Here is Pastor John’s recent sermon on this subject.


Pastor John points out that not only is it not in conflict with Jesus, but Jesus quotes from the Psalms more than once.  Also Paul and Peter. There is no shame in the New Testament regarding these passages.

Here is a key quote:

“. . . In other words, the way Paul interprets the words of David is not as sinful personal vengeance but as a reliable expression of what happens to the adversaries of God’s anointed. David is God’s anointed king, and he is being rejected and reproached and reviled. David manifests a lot of patience in his life (Psalm 109:4). But there comes a point when David speaks as God’s inspired, anointed one and by his prayer consigns his adversaries to darkness and hardness. They will experience this judgment because David is speaking on God’s behalf. “