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The Adventures of Ogden: Man of the Suburb
Episode 8 – July – Reunion Run-on


            Ogden picked up the phone.


            “Hello, Ogden, this is Verna. . . . You know, Your Great Aunt”

            “Well, Hi, How are you – “

            “Well, not that great, frankly, but you probably don’t want to hear about my joint problems or my difficulties with my hair stylist, or the fact that I can’t find comfortable shoes to save my life, especially blue ones. But the real reason I’m calling, Ogden, is to ask you if you could play your flute for our family get-together next month.”

            “My flute? But I don’t – “

            “Yeah, we’re getting together a small orchestra who are going to be playing a medley of “Fiddler on the roof” songs, you know, like “Sunrise, Sunset”, “I wish I were a Rich Man.”, “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” and other songs from the musical “Fiddler on the Roof” . . . or did I already say that? Anyway, the piece is for eight instrumentalists and we have seven, but we need a flutist and I said to Cousin Thurman, ‘Let’s get Ogden, he plays the flute and I think he plays the piccolo, too’ and Thurman said “Get that boy up here!” and I said ‘I’ll call him on Tuesday’ because you know that we play Bocce on Mondays, and we were out this weekend on our trip to Branson, but of course I had to explain all of that to Thurman, because he doesn’t know our whole schedule, and why should he? He’s got his own life to live, what with his Polka group touring all over his part of the state. Did you know they had nearly 80 people at one of their . . . concerts or whatever you call them. I think it was a county fair or something, they do a lot of those and boy, are they a hoot! But he’s going to play he accordion since we don’t have a trumpet player and he says that he can make his accordion sound like a trumpet and I was thinking, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard an accordion sound like a trumpet, but ‘idle beggars can’t choose the color of the dice they throw on a rainy day’, I always say. But the other thing I was going to ask you is, what is going on with that database system you guys got going down there? My boy (you remember he works for JamsCorp too, and how proud I am about that) (I mean, Ned of course, our youngest. Freeman still works for the US Forestry Service) Anyway, My boy, Ned, was saying that he can’t seem to figure our what’s happening, what with that detail table being monthly, and then going to a kind of weekly form of monthly and then real weekly weekly and then . . . well, I don’t know. Maybe you could help him out? Maybe you could call him or something and tell him who he can call. I know, I know, you’re probably busy trying to woo that pretty lady you brought to the pot luck . . . what’s her name, Gretchen? No, Gretta! She’s a cutie! But anyway, can you bring your flute to the reunion?”


            “Well, I’d love to, Aunt Verna, but I don’t play the flute.”


            There was a pause for a few seconds.


            “You don’t?”

            “No, I play the clarinet, but I think “

“Clarinet, huh?”

“Yes, but I”

“Can you make it sound like a flute?”

“Well, . . .  not . . . really but here’s the deal: I think Cousin Bonnie plays the flute.”

            “. . .  She does?”

            “Yes, I think so.”

            “Well, I’ll give her a call. Thanks for your help. And say ‘Hi’ to your mom for us. And Gretyl!”

            “. . .Uh, I will, Nice talking to you.”

            “Bye, Ogden, see you at the reunion!”

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