Things You Shouldn’t Touch Edition


1. The exterior of any car (with anything besides a sponge).

2. Any dead animal that you didn’t kill.

3. Used gum

4. Power tools (without permission)

5. Mom’s sewing machine

6. Most things in other peoples’ homes.

7. Computer screens

8. Any toilet you are not cleaning*

9. Our piano with anything but your fingers.

10. The sides of our tent or camper.**

11. Anything in the garbage can.

12. Anything besides paper with any writing utensil.

13. The Trampoline with anything but your bodies. (i.e. no chairs, rakes or toys)


Am I missing anything?


* Previously mentioned.

** This one takes some explaining, I think. At first I didn’t want the kids playing in our large tent, for fear they would wreck it. I realized that they could wrestle or jump all they want and not damage anything if they refrain from banging into the sides of the tent. So that’s the rule.