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This idea of starting a Meme intrigues me – so I’m trying it.


Favorite Song Meme


For various Artists or Artists groups*:


List 4 – List four artists/groups for whom you can name your favorite song (and the song, of course)


Extras (for those with more free time):

List 2 – List two artists/groups who have too many good songs to choose just one.

List 2 – List two artists/groups who’s music doesn’t include a single work that you like.

List 1 – List one artist/group who only have one song that you like (and the song).

List 1 – List one artist/group who you feel you don’t know well enough to choose.



Avoid One Hit Wonders

Make non-obvious and eclectic choices


4 Favorite Songs:**

Aerosmith – What it takes***

Huey Lewis –  Naturally

Foreigner – Cold as Ice

Abba – Does Your Mother Know


Two groups with too many good songs to choose one:

Electric Light Orchestra

Weird Al


Two groups with no good songs:

Credence Clearwater Revival

Guns n’ Roses (as noted here).


One group with only one good song:

Rolling Stones: Shattered


One group I don’t know well enough to choose:



*Yes, I’m intentionally being vague. You could go classical or CCM, for example. I’m choosing secular pop.

** And yes, I know I am losing respect with at least half of you. For different reasons. I can handle it.

*** Please understand, I’m not choosing the most moral song of the artists’ repertoire

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