So we had a family over today for burgers and the adults were in the living room having ice cream when the kids rushed in yelling that there were bees. I went over to my youngest (Erik – age 5) and he went from agitated to screaming and I found two bees crawling on him.

I swatted them and pulled his shirt off quickly and his screaming got louder. We got out the lotion and I tried to help him. I said “where does it hurt” and he yelled “Everywhere!” 

Then another son came in and was doing his own version of a permanent scream. The bees had been in his shirt and had stung him after he got inside.

We later counted 8 wasp stings on Erik.  They had been back by the bonfire pit and had knocked over a log. A large paper wasp was under it and the log movement aggitated all of them. 7 of the kids were stung (12 stings on our kids).

It took a lot of lotion but they finally all got calmed down. And then they all got ice cream.