So we have 5 silver maple trees in our yard that were planted (in the 1890’s) to go along the side of a road that used to be where our road is now. This is nice and historic, but there have been (as I’ve mentioned before)  large branches falling from two of them. One of them (in our front yard) had branches only on one side (over our house) and it looked a little strange, so we decided have it taken down.

The guy came to cut it down on Saturday and he did good work and our kids were entertained the whole day watching it come down, but now there is an eleven foot long, nearly four foot high base of the tree sideways on the lawn. He says he could cut it up, but it would be too big for firewood for us.

It actually looks impressive sitting there and our kids want to keep it for climbing. Or we could pay 200$ to have a big machine take it out.

I was thinking that maybe some artist might want to take it and use it for a very large wooden statue.

Any ideas?