It was fun to see the responses. Here are some places where the root took hold:


Obviously there were some good lists put in the comments of the original post.


Never one to turn down a meme, Steve  made sure to put in his list.


And John at the Cross Driven Blog has an eclectic set as well.


Here’s one from the Pole Hill Sanitorium


Abraham had, as you might expect, a different take on the question


And obviously the biggest response was from Vox Day, who couldn’t resist a little jab at my theology on the way. There were many lists given from his ilk in the comments and it was interesting to see how the format evolved as the day went.


And I’m sure I’ve missed a few. In any case, all of these worked together to put me at # 42 at the wordpress growing blogs list for one day. I’ve hit the big time!


No word from Pastor John yet. I’m sure it’s on his to-do list.