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Our family went on a picnic at the State Capitol Building grounds (a very nice spot for a picnic) last Friday and we took ourselves on a self guided tour of the monuments around there. There are quite a few memorials for the various wars and then one that honors the women’s suffragette movement. Here is an image from one of the plaques there.
The Ladder

The Ladder


In case it isn’t clear, it depicts a ladder (actually the theme of the whole memorial looks to be a ladder) of all of the career steps the women have taken (or will take) from ‘Slavery’ to ‘President’.


And you are wondering: Jamsco, why show us this?


Well, here is what amuses (bemuses? Slightly annoys?) me about this image.


I consider what my wife (being a stay at home Mom) as one of the more important and crucial jobs in the world. But the closest thing on the rungs as depiected to what my wife does for a career is labeled as “Household Drudgery” and is placed it just above Slavery.


Bottom Rungs

Bottom Rungs



Hmmm. . . .  They don’t hold her work in high esteem, apparently.

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