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While I am not fond of spiders, I find spider webs to be quite interesting and somewhat beautiful. Nevertheless, our family encountered a large web last week that I think indicates great initiative but poor planning. And I blame the spider’s parents.


It was big and impressive, but it was placed just outside of our porch door, parallel with it and only a few feet from the glass, so that anyone who comes through the door had to be very careful not to walk right into it. There are a few tips that I would expect mother and father spiders to teach their children, and one of them is “Don’t work for a whole day putting a web in a human high traffic area! It’s just going to get wrecked!”


This should be right between “Take care not to step on the sticky part of the web” and “If it’s a stink bug, let it go.”


If this spider didn’t grow up in an orphanage, some mom or dad spider dropped the ball.


But I hear the spider-parent-defender: Well, maybe this is one of those spiders out of a cheesy scary movie from the seventies. Maybe it’s trying to feast on humans. To this I respond: Hey Scary Movie Spider Parents! My six year old daughter took a stick and got rid of it in about five seconds. Teach your youngsters to start smaller – like with squirrels or something.


This isn’t rocket science!

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