Sunday afternoon, our family went to a park gathering of several families at our church.

3 Notable things:

1. There was a couple very new to our group there and I asked them how they met. As it turned out they met commenting on each others blog.  She lived in California and he here in Minnesota. There are some who advise against one-line dating, but they went about it wisely (her father was significantly involved) and God has blessed them.

2.  There’s a guy in our group (a professional musician) who noted that he had never had the experience of sliding into home. They made him do it.




3. This picnic ended at 5:00.  Our small group meeting was to start at 6:00 very near where the first picnic was. Driving home would be a waste of time.  So we picked up some Subway, found a new park with a lake and playground and went on another picnic.