It has been shown that Sarah Palin’s candidacy has been bile-inducing (HT: Steve). Here, I will attempt to show that her haters are originality-challenged.


Consider the comments from this CNN blog post.


In the first 100 comments:

Jokes* about the “Bridge to Nowhere”: 5

Jokes about Lipstick: 8

Jokes about Moose/Hunting: 13

Jokes about Seeing Russia From Her House**: 22


Certainly their reasons for not liking her are more complex than these sound bites, right?


Also, I had to chuckle at the second comment at another post from this blog.


Sarah Palin is a metaphor for all that is wrong with America”


Wow. Really? Everything?



* And I use this term lightly.

** And I’m not at all certain that the commenters didn’t know that she didn’t actually say this.