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So yesterday’s post brought to mind something for which I’m very grateful to my mother-in-law, who is no longer with us.

About a month after my wife and I got engaged (but six months before we got married) she (my wife) suddenly got quite nervous about getting married. As I recall, it wasn’t due to anything tangible, it was just a vague uneasiness as the reality started sinking in that this was forever. We talked, but at that point, being a very biased observer, I really couldn’t find anything to say that would encourage her (“Oh, it’ll be alright.”)


So I made a wise decision. I told her that she needed to talk to her mom about it. I said this because I knew that she (with good reason) really respected her mom’s opinion.


She was living with her parents during those months before we got married, so that evening I sent her home wondering what her Mom would say. And the next evening when I talked with her, all of her nervousness was gone, diffused by relaxing comments that her mom had made about how she was bound to have feelings like this every once in a while, and that she shouldn’t let them bother her too much.


Debbie was much happier, and more at peace and didn’t really have misgivings about our wedding plans after that.


And we just celebrated 14 years of marriage. Thanks, Betty!

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