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We’re heading down to beautiful Arkansas (The Natural State!) to see my wife’s sister and her family.

Do recall my bible verse song writing hobby?
One of the goals of this trip is to get back into the studio to record some more (my brother in law is a Radio Show Producer and a good musician). May God bless our endeavors.

See you next week!


From Pastor John’s third sermon from his series on the Gospel of John – “In Him Was Life”

. . . The other implication is that physical matter did not give rise to life. Life gave rise to matter. Once there was only life and no matter. Then that personal life created matter, and there was both life and matter.

Here is the great division between the atheistic worldview and the Christian worldview: For the atheists, everything begins with inanimate matter and energy. It’s just there. Since there was nothing there before to make it what it is, it could have been anything. It could have been Life. But atheists choose to believe that in the beginning was matter and energy. They don’t know this. They guess. They say that impersonal matter and impersonal energy are original. They are absolute. They are ultimate.

Then for billions of years, with no creator, no intelligence, no design, no purpose, no plan, there emerges from mindless, lifeless, random matter and energy not only the irreducible complexities of interdependent biological structures, but also this glorious thing called living personhood. That’s their account of life.

For Christians, it’s the other way around: First there was life, then there was physical matter and energy. First, there was living personhood. Then there was matter and energy. In the beginning was the Word, and in him was life.

Wherever you turn on this planet and see a living person, you are seeing an image of absolute reality, ultimate reality, original reality—the Word, who was with God and was God, and was Life.

Just a little reminder for all of us.


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