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Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Summa Elvetica, By Theodore Beale – The First 75 Pages

Go with God, and the grace of our living Lord be upon you. *** Only a philosopher or a fool doubts his own existence. *** Decisions must be made, though the decision makers be fallible. *** Glory to God. *** To be so sure, so secure in one’s faith—surely that was a wonderful thing! And yet, what was a man’s mind for, if not to use it? *** Make the mistake of allowing one snake into the Senate, and I assure you a thousand will soon squirm in behind him! *** No one survives long without learning something, no matter how stupid he might be to start. *** Chance is everywhere. *** It takes more than a scratch from an orc to kill a dwarf. *** Every man has his price. *** Defend us, preserve your humble servants, O most pure and perfect Lord, even as we walk into the shadows of evil. *** Yes, grant us wisdom, almighty God. Grant us knowledge to separate the wheat from the chaff, to cleave the sheep from the goats. Give us Your eyes, Lord God, that we may see the soulless spirits of evil that seek nothing but ruin and distinguish them from the souls that may be saved for Your glory. *** Even generals accorded the signal honor of a Triumph are usually forgotten within a decade. *** Did one simply wait for inspiration to strike? That seemed insensible. After all, a man might wait all his life for inspiration to arrive of its own accord. *** All things serve a purpose; our inability to discern that purpose does not indicate its absence, only our shortcomings.” *** One can’t be sure of what one doesn’t know.  *** It takes a brave lad to admit he’s afraid. *** No one is afraid of goblin infantry, nor should anyone be, unless they happen to outnumber you fifty to one. *** Fear has a specific object—not unlike hope, usually. But the object of hope is a future good. A difficult one, perhaps, but always something that is possible to obtain. The object of fear, on the other hand, is a future evil, an evil that irresistible only because it is desired. *** Wisdom and wine are wasted on the young. *** It’s a terrible sound, an arrow striking a man. *** You see, lad, there’s no promise less likely to be kept than one made by a frightened man. You’ll do well to remember that, should you ever find a frightened man making you one. *** God hates the arrogant and He hates the proud. But not all pride is out of place. There is a pride that would rule and a pride that would serve. The pride that makes a man hold his ground and refuse to be the first to run when his cohort is being pressed hard by the foe, that is a good thing, a needful thing. It is a strength. The pride that causes a commander to despise his enemy counterpart, that is a fatal flaw.

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