A while ago I came up with a word game and I’m wondering if anyone can beat me.*


Here is the (somewhat recursive) set of steps:


Step 0. Start with a one-letter letter word.

Step 1. Add a letter to what you have in such a way that the new set of letters is a real word. (You can put letters in the middle of the word, but you can’t change the order of the letters).

Step 2. Repeat Step One until you can’t add a letter that will result in a real word.










The longer (in terms of letters) the word you end up with, the better you have done.


One extra rule: No proper nouns. 

And one obvious statement: Since the only one letter words are I, O and A (right? – I just checked “O” in the dictionary and it is a word), you have to start with those three.


I have been able to get up to seven letters several times, but not eight. If you can get an eight letter word in this game, let me know. I’m sure someone will be able to.


So open up a word document and try it!

* There is a reasonable chance that this is not original to me, so if you have seen this before, let me know.