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Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Summa Elvetica, By Theo Beale

An absence of murderous intent is a quality to cherish in a slave. *** There is as little similarity between the eye and the stomach, though a man is wise to value both. In the service of God, who is to say which is the more needful? *** Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord indeed, for do not our brothers the birds greet the new day with a song sweeter than any sung by man?” *** Above man: the angels. Below him: the beasts. Can it be said that there is room between man and angel, or between man and beast? *** Neither good nor bad angels can create anything. ***Immaterial substance can be made only by God, since it has no matter from which to be made. Its creation can be the action of God alone. But as Petrus Lombardus writes, God can communicate to a creature the power of creating, so that the latter can create ministerially, not by its own power. From this it follows that the first separate substance created by God created another after itself, in a process that continues to this day. Thus was the substance of the world created, and thus is it that the substance of the world creates the matter of inferior bodies. *** We are freed from the chains of guilt by the blood of the Immaculate  *** It’s quite common for rulers who wish their rule to continue to take a dim view of unknown visitors being armed in their presence. *** We worship a God who became man. There is nothing less immaterial than that. *** If it was so easy for a man to pick out another man willing to kill him, no king would have ever been murdered by his successor. *** When money and power were at stake, no man’s life could be deemed entirely safe, not even his own. *** Son, there are times when a battle isn’t going well and you begin to think it will be your last. In those times, a man has two choices: curse God or praise Him. It’s in those times that a man discovers who he is. *** I will give thanks to the Lord because of His righteousness and I will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.

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