I voted for McCain. I really wanted him to win. Still, here are:


10 Good Things about the Obama Win:


  1. Soon, the blame for every bad thing that happens in America will have to start shifting to the Democrats.
  2. I think the Democrats would have been hit harder emotionally by a loss than the republicans are now being hit. So America is less sad today due to how the election went. I was fearing suicides had McCain won.
  3. Change is due. Let the Democrats have their shot.
  4. Senator Obama is less likely to die in office.
  5. Public Schools will most likely be better off.
  6. We know that this result is God’s will.
  7. This is a significant sign that racism has decreased in America
  8. I had hesitations about Palin as V.P. Or should I say – one hesitation.
  9. I think this means that America will be out of Iraq sooner.
  10.  I believe that Senator Obama wants America to succeed.


And one consolation –

According to my pastor’s theology – babies who are aborted go to heaven.


And yes, I wrote this list before seeing his excellent video. If by chance McCain still wins, then turn these around and call them 10 Bad Things About The McCain Win.