Taking a short break from Summa, but what would be more appropriate for breaking away from Vox aphorisms to showing aphorisms from his favorite Narnia book (which I just finished reading to my kids)?

Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Lewis’ “The Horse And His Boy”

(Part 1 of 2)


It is wrong to listen behind closed doors. *** He who attempts to deceive the judicious is already baring his own back for the scourge.  *** Swords can be kept off with shields but the Eye of Wisdom pierces through every defense. *** A war horse costs too much to be treated badly. *** What silly legs humans have. *** Talking horses always become more horsey when they are angry. *** No one can teach riding so well as a horse. *** If you live you may have good fortune, but all the dead are dead alike. *** People who know a lot of the same things can hardly help talking about them, and if you’re there you can hardly help feeling that you’re out of it. *** One usually gets on better with people when one is making plans than when one is talking about nothing in particular. ***  It is an old saying: See the bear in his own den before you judge of his conditions. *** There is a great distance between a noise heard letting you in with your friends in the morning and a noise heard alone at nightfall, shutting you out. *** I don’t think anyone can be blamed for shouting if something comes up from behind and touches him; not in such a place and at such a time when his frightened already. *** If one is nervous, there’s nothing like having your face towards the danger and having something warm and solid at your back. *** I’ll never do anything nasty to cat again as long as I live. *** The departure of guests makes a wound that is easily healed in the heart of a judicious host. *** Deep draughts from the fountain of reason are desirable in order to extinguish the fire of youthful love. *** One of the drawbacks about adventures is that when you come to the most beautiful places you are often too anxious and hurried to appreciate them.