I’ve been tagged again. By Bob (of Fundamentally Reformed ).

The rules are simple. 1) Pick up the nearest book and find page 123. 2) Count the first five (full) sentences. 3) Then quote the next three sentences. So here goes!

Generally, though, it is better to take alternate approaches for the sake of clarity. There are two options. First, you can use concatenation of the variables to avoid using nested pound signs:

<cfset Value1 = “This is”>

<cfset Value1 = “a test.”>


The string is ‘#Value1# #Value2#’ <BR>

In reverse: “Reverse(Value1@ “ “ Value2)#


The book is ColdFusion 4. I had to make my own determination of what the sentence breaks were. The Content would have been significantly different if I had done this at home.

One more rule, you’re supposed to tag 5 other people with the meme. So I nominate Abraham, Molly, Steve, The Latte Steve, and Chris. And can I do a sixth? How about the Tulip Mom?

And no, don’t ask me how Abraham is going to work this into his 22 word rule.