A week early, referring to this:


It was late in the afternoon on the fourteenth of October 2008 when Ogden received the e-mail message:

“The Redbrick Detail database September midmonth load is done.”


Not for the first time this decade, Ogden shuddered. The last time he had read a message like this it was on that fateful day, exactly ten years ago – the day of the Scarneycreelpy Disappearance.


Ogden heard a noise behind him and turned just in time to see the figure of a man in a business suit carrying a briefcase move past the door of his cubicle in building 223. So, Ogden thought with fear, he was the next person to experience an October sighting of the ‘Seventh Floor Ghost’.


He quickly stood up and walked out of his cube and looked down the hall, but he was surprised at what he saw. This was no floating apparition, but a solid walking man.


Mortimor?” Ogden asked.

The figure stopped and said with a cheerful and distinctly un-spooky voice, “Yes?”

Mortimor Scarneycreelpy?” Ogden asked again.

“That’s me. How’s it going, Ogden?”

“But we thought you were – . . . Where have you been since 1998?”

“Oh, didn’t you guys know? I took a position in I.T. Maybe I forgot to mention it. I’m over in 772 now.”

“Oh.” said Ogden, trying to sort things out.

“I’m just over here to do my yearly warehouse feasibility study”

“Well . . . that explains it.”


Still confused, Ogden walked back into his cube and sat down.


And thus the mystery of the seventh floor ghost was solved.