Reasons we named our new son ‘Foster’:


1. Astute Responsible Puppet readers will have noted that both of our daughters have names that begin with A, and the boys are B,C,D,E. We needed an F name.

2. I like the Piper’s naming convention.

3. The first definition of Foster in our dictionary is ‘To care for or cherish’

4. I think it sounds cool.


Reasons we gave our new son the middle name ‘Nathaniel’:


After the baby had been born, I quickly realized that, while we had pretty much agreed upon a first name, when hadn’t really discussed the middle name at all. So I was very happy when my wife called from the hospital to say that the birth parents had requested that we have the name “Nathaniel” somewhere in his name. It’s a very nice sounding name and goes well with Foster.


Our adoption agency social worker suggested that the combination sounds presidential.