Top Nine Things That A Baby Might Say If Asked If He/She Wants To Be Born


9. Um, no. I’m good. Thanks, though!


8. Are you kidding? I can’t breathe out there!


7. Would there be weird colors? Because right now I’m really fond of black and dark purple.


6. <a boy, after hearing about a certain procedure> I’m sorry, what was that again?


5. I would only consider it if the extraction process was stress free for both myself and my carrier.


4. Is it fairly warm out there? Because right now I’m pretty used to roughly 98, 99 degrees.


3. Are you kidding? Can you see this tube thing? I can’t eat out there!


2. Putting my thoughts and feelings aside here, I think we should reflect on how much work I am going to cause my carrier and her partner post birth. I really have no wish to be a burden.


1. Given my current state of peace and comfort, I believe I can best serve and glorify God right where I am.


Any suggestions?