Speaking of my old college, one of the more famous former-attenders of Bethel is Joel Hodgeson, who in the years after he was there, had an idea and the cable channel Comedy Central let him (and a few others) run with it. The result (bear with me if you already know about this) was  Mystery Science Theatre 3000 , a quirky, fairly popular show with the main premise of three funny characters making fun of really bad movies while they played in real time.


The clip below (if I recall correctly) was from a show where they made fun of a movie with the title something like “Santa Saves The Earth From Martians”. And in this episode they made reference to Apache Plaza, a mall I used to walk to as a kid. But none of that is in this clip. This is just goofiness.


And if you wondering “Why doesn’t he give us more names and specifics and other historical facts?”: Repeat to yourself, “It’s just a blog, I should really just relax. . . ”


Warning: Some PG Language