(yes, a day late)

So I was just finishing up a project of unclogging the drain for a sink in the bathroom off our bedroom (a job successfully done that didn’t take too long) and I suddenly became aware that my wife and oldest (7) daughter were screaming. Like something was seriously wrong in an emergency type way. It sounded like my wife was yelling ‘Stop!”


I made my way around to them quickly and found her sitting on the floor in front of the other bathroom sink and she was yelling to the kids to bring her towels (“All that you can find!”) and saw that water was flooding from the sink cabinet. Hot water. She later said it was like a waterfall.


I ran downstairs (noting the water now pouring into the downstairs bathroom from upstairs) and turned off the main water.


We spent some time with lots of towels cleaning up and when the floor in four rooms were reasonably dry I went to look in the cabinet of the excitement-creating sink. And I quickly saw the problem: A one inch gash in the flexible tube coming from the basement water heater to this sink. It must have burst open.


I happened to have a replacement part, so I replaced it fairly easily. We are still drying towels. It looks like (to the best that we can figure out) it was just a coincidence that I was working on plumbing on the closest sink when this happened. But my wife had been yelling “Stop!” because she thought it was a result of something I was doing.


We are grateful that our daughter Anna spotted the problem and urged (with great urgency) my wife to go look.


And speaking of kids, have I mentioned that Foster (our newest) is really cute and getting cuter?


Oh well, how about a picture?