Yesterday (Saturday) I made it my goal (with some help from my kids) to (A) find every toy in the house, (B) get them sorted and organized, and (C) get them put away.

Step A included (1) going through every room in the house with a box or bag, collecting everything that could be considered kid related (including lots of scraps of paper), (2) moving every significant piece of furniture to get what was under/behind them (I just counted – I moved 6), (3) getting the kids to go on search-and-pick-up missions under each of our three bunk beds, (4) moving all of this up to two card tables set up in our living room.

Step B (the kids helped me quite a bit with this one) included one by one emptying these bags and boxes (15) onto the table and meticulously sorting into these categories:

Game Pieces
Lincoln Logs
Toy Weaponry
Cars and Trucks
Toy Kitchen Items
Trains/ Train Tracks
Arts and Craft Supplies
Things that aren’t toys and shouldn’t have been in their rooms.

. . . And these are just the main ones.

Last night at about 5:30 we were in the worse-before-it-gets-better phase and our living room looked ridiculously messy.

Step C included getting these in crates and (here is where it turns dark) put most of these sets in the garage. My wife had decided that our kids need a little toy simplicity in their lives to help them learn how to clean up after themselves.

So the only thing left in the toy closet is Legos. Yikes. Cold Turkey with the toys. We’ll let you know how it works out.