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1. In the beginning of 2006, I followed the suggestion from the Evangelical Outpost and began reading books from the bible 20 times in a row. Most of them have been the shorter books from the bible (see the link to get that list) but I actually started by reading Ephesians, which is one of my favorites. Since it was a little longer, I read it only ten times before going on to the next one. But this month I have been reading Ephesians again. It is amazing with these books how they continue to show how deep they are, and how much detail can be missed even after several reads.


2. Last fall I began reading the 1000+ page book ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Any book that has captured the interest of Vox Day, Pastor John and my (very astute lawyer) friend April had to be worth reading, I thought. I’ll have to comment more on this later – and there is a Friday Everything (or two) pending.


3. Also last Fall I began reading the Chronicles of Narnia to my children. This is the second time we’ve gone through them, but the first time that all six of them have been listening. Another Friday Everything is pending.


So last night at around 8:30 I finished reading the last chapter of “The Last Battle” to my kids (it is a very sweet ending) (next up: The Hobbit).


And at around 11:30 last night I finished reading “Atlas Shrugged” (next up: a lighter techno-thriller).


And this morning at around 7:30 I finished reading Ephesians for the twentieth time. It was the 14th book of the bible that I have read twenty times in the last two years. (Next up – I’m not sure. A read through the Bible plan, perhaps?)


I found it interesting how these more-than-a-year reading seasons all finished within 12 hours of each other.

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