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1. You need a jump to make it fun.


2. Kids need toughening up. They need to learn to be able to take a hit and not quit. They need to feel pain (at least a little) and not give up. Sledding can be good for this. One of my daughters especially had to get past her dislike of being jarred or flipped. But she did. And then she enjoyed it more.


I was quite proud of my son who, when asked if he wanted to leave while he was bleeding from his mouth, said ‘no’. The puddle of blood on the snow was his red badge of courage.


And I loved it when my youngest (5) would laugh hysterically after being upended when a brother ran him over.


3. While descenders should not try to hit those walking up, it is up to the walkers to get out of the way.


4. Round (by this I mean ‘unsteerable’) sleds should be abolished. I know that some are against legislating morality, but I think even Vox Day might agree with me that there should be state and federal laws against selling these things for underage use.


5. Your kids may ruin their mittens by steering, but this is worth it. You need to be able to steer.


6. It’s good exercise, continually walking up a hill with a sled and an extra ten pounds of clothes.


7. Try the train. We went with seven on four sleds. You can make it a whole family experience that ends in laughter. Who wouldn’t want that?


8. Dads! Come on! Don’t stay at the top. What, are you so grown up that sledding isn’t fun?


9. When I asked my kids for other point, by son Barrett said “Never go over the jump in the blue sled.”


Happy New Year From JamFam!

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