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This weekend we drove to Beautiful Grand Marais, MN for a wedding (More on that later) and two interesting things happened with our Van.

1. The Heater failed. Yikes. We tried to fix it. No luck. So we pressed on with out. We could be bundled up (the kids actually never complained about being cold) but the windows were a different issue.  On the last 50 miles I was continually scraping ice off about 20 square inches of the inside of the windshield so I could continue staying on the road – which is key.  Did I mention it was seven below zero?

2. On the way to the reception we got to the top of the lodge driveway hill we had to stop for cars to go by and I couldn’t get going again.  In backing up to get a better start,  I ended up in the snow drift  (remember visibility was an issue). 

After a half an hour and help from the lodge maintenance guy, we finally got it out, but then he drove it into the other side of the driveway.  So he got his truck and . . . will towing from the front work? Nope! 

So will towing from the back work? Nope. Okay shovel more snow out of the way (with help from my wife and his girlfriend – I was impressed). Okay try it now.  Yep. We were out!

But then the chain was stuck under the back of our van. 10 minutes getting that out and kids back in the van and . . .  Only 2 hours late to the reception.

But they had had trouble with heating the food (a fuse went out while everyone was at the wedding) so we didn’t miss the meal at all.  And then –

All the Swedish Meatballs our family could eat – which is a lot.

So the night ended well.

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