In the forties, families made preparation and sacrifices for the War.

In the sixties, people were encouraged to be prepared for a nuclear war.

In ’99 we all filled our bathtubs with water and saved canned food in case of Y2K Catastrophe and Electrical Grid Failure.

But this winter we are threatened with a worse loss:  Television Loss.

From the article:

But Todd Sedmak, spokesman for the converter box program, said people shouldn’t wait for a coupon before taking action to assure they’ll be able to watch TV when all broadcasts go digital on February 18!!!!

Okay, I added the exclamation points.


Jim du Bois of the Minnesota Broadcasters Association said it’s hard to tell how well prepared Minnesotans are for the digital TV conversion. But he believes most households are ready.


As for me and my house, we’re going to see how long we can go before we do the converter hook up thing.