10 Reason’s Why I’m Grateful She Is My Wife*

1. She’s beautiful.

2. She sings like an angel.

3. She  is (rightly) proud and (biblically) humble.

4. She encourages me in song-writing and picnic-going.

5. She is willing and very able to home-school all of our kids.

6. She makes me want to be a better person, husband and father.

7. Being the daughter of Home Ec major, she is an excellent cook.

8. She is a daughter of God with the goal of being a vessel to bring our children to God.

9. It is still fun to talk with her on the couch after the kids go to bed, even though we do it almost every night.

10. If it weren’t for her encouragement (prodding, urging) in the arena of having and adopting children, I wouldn’t know the love of three or four of my kids.


Happy Birthday, Debbie!


* Not a complete list.