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I think I’ve previously mentioned that for 2008 our family had two new year’s resolutions. 1. No buying pop (soda), and 2. No going to stores or restaurants on the Sabbath.

Here’s an update on how we did last year (starting with the least successful):

(2) This started out well, for the first three or four months we didn’t buy or shop at all on Sunday. But then it was picnic time, and it is quite often that we go out for Subway on the way to a park.  But I think it’s likely that we were successful in not buying non-food items.  So we have that. Maybe we’ll be better this year.

(1) In an effort to consume less sugar,  we (mostly I) decided that while we would drink pop when it was offered to us, we wouldn’t actually buy any.  This we did do all year with two exceptions: In May we went out for desserts at Culvers and Debbie really, really wanted a root beer float. Okay.  That is, strictly speaking, breaking the resolution, but we thought it reasonable. And then in December, Debbie got a can of generic lemon lime to pour over a frozen fruit dessert, forgetting the resolution.

But I think those were the only two times we broke the resolution – which isn’t bad for a year, right?

For 2009,  I am considering making a resolution of not buying straight sugar (or corn syrup or powdered sugar). This resolution has two problems – (1) I just came up with this one recently and we have already bought a bag of powdered sugar to make frosting for birthday cakes , (2) Debbie does a fair ammount of baking from scratch and often you can’t switch from sugar to honey or maple syrup without wrecking the recipe.

Well, we’ll see.

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