5 reasons I feel guilty that our kids aren’t in organized team sports (right now):


1. Sports are (generally speaking) good for a kid’s health.

2. What if one of my kids has untapped amazing skill potential in some sport?

3. If you have never played baseball by the time you are, say, 20, people consider you to be odd. Especially boys.

4. There are things you learn being on a sports team that you can’t learn anywhere else.

5. It would be cool to see a kid score a goal or something.


13 reasons I don’t feel guilty that our kids aren’t in sports:


1. Team sports makes regular full family dinner times more difficult or impossible.

2. Especially with a big family.

3. Generally speaking, people glorify God more with academic ability, musical ability or artistic ability than with sports (This is maybe our primary reason).

4. My kids aren’t showing any interest in being in sports.

5. There is a different kind of teamwork learned by being in a musical organization.

6. But I’m leary of the whole teamwork benefit motivation.

7. There is a lot of teamwork involved in being in a large family

8. Sunday games.

9. Sports means less time for church or any number of important things.

10. We are physically active in other ways.

11. The example of many great people who have gone before us and have done much good with their lives despite having never been involved in sports.

12. If our kids are amazing in some sport, most likely they will discover it and use it later in life. Or they won’t and they won’t regret it.

13. My little involvement with sports growing up did not serve to increase my self-esteem.