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Note: This is my third A.S. Everything and this book is so filled with potential euphorisms that I could easily do twenty, if I wanted to, which I don’t.  One interesting thing about this book, however, is that the author has included so many wrong-minded Truth Statements from the foolish characters – more so than other authors I have read. I note that I disagree with all of these, too – which shows that her bad guys are a little straw-mannish, given that I disagree with many of Rand’s premises.


Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged – The Parts That She Disagrees With

Words are relative. Words are only symbols. If we don’t use ugly symbols we won’t have any ugliness. *** Surely you realize that the government’s plan cannot be held up by the matter of your consent. *** Nothing lasts forever. ***Any man can be stopped. *** The idea that it matters who’s right or wrong. It’s the most insufferable form of vanity, this insistence on always doing right. How do you know what’s right? How can anyone ever know it? It’s nothing but a delusion to flatter your own ego and to hurt other people by flaunting your superiority over them. *** What is the point of fighting a battle you can’t win? *** The day of the hero is past. This is the day of humanity, in a much deeper sense than you imagine. Human beings are no longer expected to be saints nor to be punished for their sins.  Nobody is right or wrong, we’re all in it together  *** All business is just dirty politics and all politics is just dirty business. *** You can’t be hard on a man who needs you. *** Whatever type of men we’re count on and planning for, there’s a certain old-fashioned quotation which we may safely forget: the one about counting on the wise and the honest. We don’t have to consider them. They’re out of date. *** There’s no such thing as the intellect. A man’s brain is a social product. *** Nobody should be allowed to waste money on the old until everybody has plenty of the old. *** Freedom? Do let’s stop talking about freedom. Freedom is impossible. Man can never be free of hunger, of cold, of disease. . . So why should he object to the tyranny of a political dictatorship. *** Genius is a superstition.

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