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(Feb 6) Today Erik pointed to some bare grass where the snow had melted off, and he said to me, “Look, Daddy! Grass! You can mow!” 

(Feb 14) As I was leaving for work today (Valentine’s day) Carl yelled, “Don’t forget to bring home flowers!”

(Feb 23) Daniel used the word “cantilever” in a sentence today.

 (April 1) Today Erik said “Let me tell you a story that was written a very very long time ago. Yesterday when I was taking a bath I put my whole face in the water.

(April 14) We heard this conversation today in the car (Erik had just asked if my dad was my step Dad): Erik: When I grow up, I want my wife to be named “Step.” Barrett:  I . . . don’t think so.  Daniel:  You can’t name your wife.

 (May 16) We were grilling hot dogs outside and Carl said to everyone, “How do you like your hot dogs?” and Adelyn replied, “Mmm, good.”  Carl clarified, “No, I mean, how do you like your hot dogs cooked?” and Adelyn said “Deeeelicious!”

(May 29) Today Daniel said “I bet ticks have cute lungs”

(June 7) Lately we have been hearing Carl say, “According to my calculations .. .” Today we were talking about adding on to our deck, and he said, “According to my calculations that would cost $39.” Then he thought about it for a bit and said, “Okay with nails, maybe $49.”

(June 26) Barrett told me over the phone from Atlanta (when I asked about the pool time) that he was “learning to drown.” Grandma said that he had jumped into the deep end for reasons she was unsure about.

(August 3) Debbie: You’re whining. Adelyn: No, I’m not!, Debbie: I think you’re mistaken about the definition of the word ‘whining.’ Adelyn: I wasn’t whining, I just squeak when I yawn.

(Aug 9) On our hike today Carl was trying to explain to Debbie how gravity affects time and how if there were no gravity, atoms would fall apart.

(Sept 9) All of the kids were planning a play about two people getting married.  Anna asked “Who’s going to be the dog?”

(Sept 18 ) Adelyn was sick this morning, and right after she threw up (for the third time) Debbie found her cleaning up the living room. Debbie asked her why she was doing that and she said “Well, I just threw up and I thought I’d get some of my jobs done while I feel better.”

(Dec 12) Today we were looking at homes with Christmas lights, and I pointed out some lights and said they were the kind of lights that I grew up with. Debbie said “Me, too.” And Anna said “Me, too.”

(Dec 14) Yesterday, due to miscommunication, Erik was the last kid to be picked up at his Kids Connection class. He was somewhat sad. Today as we were driving in the car, Erik asked if he could tell a story. He said cheerfully, “Once upon a time there was a boy name Erik who went to Sunday School. Nobody ever picked him up. The end.”