Wednesday marked the end of my second year of blogging and for the second year in a row I will commemorate the anniversary by presenting:


Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Jamsco’s Friday Everythings (From The Last 12 Months) That Have Only 3, 4 or 5, 6 Words*


Why Fight when you can negotiate? ***  Land is where you are safe  *** May the Lord direct your hearts. *** The Code is the law. *** Res ipsa loquitur, tabula in naufragio. *** Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. *** It is finished. *** Feed my lambs *** Tend my sheep *** Receive the Holy Spirit. *** Do not disbelieve, but believe. *** I got to rock the party. *** Vox can speak for himself, thanks. *** Jamsco is an intelligent man. *** Instinct, tigers are born with it. *** Girls flip for ties. *** I sure like summer vacation. *** Mothers are the necessity of invention. *** Our God is marching on. *** Fly Casual *** Let’s keep a little optimism here. *** I hate long waits. *** Don’t get jittery *** Never tell me the odds. *** Convictions are good, passions are better. *** They got a law about ferrets! *** Keep your burden checks! *** Flee youthful passions *** Avoid irreverent babble. *** Happiness is the agent of purification. *** Always be sober-minded *** Endure suffering *** Do the work of an evangelist *** Fulfill your ministry. *** The Lord be with your spirit. *** Grace be with you. *** You should be glad we’re alive. *** Chance is everywhere. *** Glory to God. *** What silly legs humans have. *** I have decided to serve God. *** The mighty are ever proud. *** It’s princes have all the fun. *** Even a traitor may mend. *** God is the ruler yet. *** Thanks to God for my Redeemer  *** Our God is on your side. *** Think with care, Lest you forget. *** The worst part is the waiting. *** I love disguises! *** It’s all in plato. *** Welcome, in the Lion’s name *** Genius is a superstition.


*Your goal should be to figure out where these came from.