My friend Abigail has posted another meme which she acknowledges is similar to my last meme.

Here it is:

List the song or songs you would sing at your American Idol audition.
You get bonus points for:
-naming multiple songs
-naming songs that might cause you embarrassment or would surprise those who think they know you.
-naming your favorite judge
-telling what you think the judges would say

I am trying to think of a song that isn’t on my last list that I would want to sing if forced to audition and nothing is coming to mind right away, but I will answer the last two questions:

My favorite judge: Since I can’t remember ever watching AI, I can’t really say.
What the judges would say: “You have too little stage presence”, and “Your voice isn’t really made for live solo performances.”

I must say, even though I have heard no Jonas Brothers and very little Britney (sp?) Spears, I bristle a little when people say they have no talent. Anyone who does that kind of performing and has gathered that many fans (even if they are all young) has talent.

Okay, almost anyone.